Nilofa Banana Milk

“Many are asking why I choose banana milk… I made a lot of requests here, adding that there are Korean influences including their food. “If anyone has ever been to Korea, they will know about their very popular and popular banana milk and later imported here (Malaysia). ”Looking at the matter, I think why don’t we try to export banana milk in our own country for export abroad,” he said.

nilofa banana milk

Neelofa added that the initial response to the new product was unexpected and had to increase five times the production of Nilofa Banana Milk. “Surprised because it never did, so when I did it a little bit … Apparently it was about five times the original amount. “In other words, that’s the maximum amount we can spend in a month to get the demand out,” he said optimistically. In the meantime, Neelofa also plans to produce other flavored milk, but will focus on existing flavors for now.

Who in Malaysia doesn’t know the actor and the great entrepreneur Neelofa? It is beautifully charming, and good at business. It is the idol of women in this country. It is well known that Neelofa has long been involved in the business world through its hijab network ‘Naelofar’. It can be said that many of them have their hijab released and the average new collection they produce is for sale. Neelofa’s latest product, ‘Nilofa’ banana milk, is gaining traction on social media as it has made some serious claims about its health benefits.

“The MoH came to the factory to investigate everything. They cannot take any action because our boxes or product labels do not make any claims about health or nutrition that can treat obesity and so on. ”Neelofa: Of course, if I knew about this leaflet, I’d make sure it wasn’t distributed. My focus (for the product) is not to help or treat. We focus on lifestyle products.

nilofa banana milk

Neelofa is also grateful for the comments and concerns given to the product being made because it indirectly makes her more aware and will look into each and every operation of her company’s products. You and try it? Hurmm can honestly say that banana-flavored milk cannot resist Thai banana milk. That’s a personal opinion. Each one has its own taste. Thank you. (Neelofa fans, please don’t be mad.)

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