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6 Must-Go Places for Korean Fried Chicken Fans in Kuala Lumpur

Many Malaysians have now started craving Korean Fried Chicken, which is beginning to get trapped from watching Korean dramas. After not having to travel all the way to Korea, KL has already opened a restaurant selling Korean Fried Chicken, which is definitely Halal! For those fried chicken fans, you have to read them!

1. K-Fry @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya / One Utama / Suria KLCC

K-Fry Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants with fried chicken salad served with fries. The special name is cheesy fried chicken seasoning! This restaurant is always crowded all day. You need to be prepared to get in line and get the numbers, so to avoid any delays in doing other work; we recommend that you come as early as possible. You can visit the official K-Fry website at https://kfry.my/ for hours and more information.

2. Kyochon @ Sunway Pyramid

This Kyochon restaurant is famous for its fried chicken with its delicious taste! Most notably, Kyochon has been named the best Korean fried chicken in South Korea for over 13 years. This fried chicken is cooked with Korean specialties with five menu options of garlic soy, red chilli flavors, honey flavors and fried chicken with Jambalaya or honey mustard. Kyochon already has many branches around Malaysia. You can visit Kyochon’s official website, www.kyochon.com.my to see the location and hours of operation.

3. 4 Fingers @ NU Central

4 Fingers is Singapore’s Fried Chicken restaurant. For those who love to eat crunchy fried chicken, 4 Fingers is the right choice! Served fresh without preservatives with two types of delicious sauces: red chilli flavors and garlic soy. If you visit with friends or family who are not particularly fond of fried chicken, they can also order seafood such as shrimp and squid or, healthier, Salad! You can visit the official 4 Fingers website, http://www.4fingers.com.my/Home-4Fingers for more information.

4. Jinjja Chicken @ Sunway Pyramid

Jinjja Chicken, famous for its Korean fried chicken and Jjajangmyeon’s recently operated in Malaysia, has just opened 2 outlets at Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens Mall. Jinjja Chicken is a relaxing Korean ‘fast food’ restaurant, inspired by South Korean street food culture followed by fast and fast food. It’s also reasonably priced and worth it compared to other Korean restaurants with the unmistakable fried chicken. Jinjja Chicken also serves other foods such as Bibimbap, Beef Bulgogi and Tteobeokki. For dessert, they also sell cone ice cream, two types of flavors Blue Vanilla and Charcoal Caramel Must try!

5. BBQ Chicken @ Bangsar Trade Center, KL

The restaurant has one of the top 11 flavors of chicken. Many people should remember that BBQ Chicken gives the meaning of ‘Barbeque Chicken’, but no! The true meaning of BBQ Chicken is “Best of the Best Quality Chicken”. Shocked, right? Among the flavors are Jerk BBQ Chicken, Korean Charboiled Chicken, and Gangjeong Chicken. Other foods like pizza, fried rice and Korean dishes such as kimchi jjigae are also available to order.

6. Chir Chir @ Pavillion, KL

If you want to know, Korean drama My Love from the Star (2013) has popularized this fried chicken franchise. Delicious fried chicken with a special Korean roast sauce can now be enjoyed at the Pavilion, KL. Some of the must-try menus include Crispy Fried Chicken with original or spicy options as well as garlic-flavored fried chicken, honey and BBQ grilled chicken. Chir Chir Mi Chir’s dish, which is a combination of spaghetti cream sauce with spicy fried chicken and Spicy Seafood Soup, also received a warm welcome from customers.

There are many eateries that feature Korean Fried Chicken in Malaysia.

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